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Press Release from July 24, 2003

For Immediate Release Contact: Kelli E. Phiel / Press Secretary
July 24, 2003 202-225-4315

Press Release


Checks Go Out Tomorrow

Washington, DC -
Congressman Jim Gerlach (PA-06) today announced that the United States Treasury will begin mailing child tax credit checks to 25 million Americans tomorrow, giving about $14 billion back to hard-working Americans to help make meeting ends meet a little easier.

“The check’s in the mail - literally,” Gerlach said. “As children gear-up to head back to school, this much-needed tax relief will help American families buy school clothes and school supplies, among other necessities.”

In addition, stores such as Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have announced that they will cash these tax rebate checks at no additional charge.

The table below outlines how American families will begin receiving their child credit checks:

Last two digits of your SSN Date check is mailed
00-33 July 25, 2003
34-66 August 1, 2003
67-99 August 8, 2003

“I will work to ensure that this increase in the child tax credit be made permanent,” Gerlach said. “These families should be able to count on this important tax relief year after year.”
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